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Office Moving

Whether you need your corporate space to be moved to a local area or across the country, we will do it right.

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Straightforward corporate moving relocation

We’re experts at moving items locally and across the country. Our smooth operations reduce your stress and allow you to focus on your business. We understand your business is important. Our detailed planning, tailor-made services, moving and packing expertise, overnight service and outstanding value are why our clients keep coming back.

How it works

We assign a project manager

You will be assigned a project manager for your move who will perform a walkthrough of the existing location for your move. Then, a meeting will be conducted on-site to select the right services for the inventory to be moved. (If applicable, we will also look at loading docks and confirm any restrictions to elevators.)

We construct a project schedule

Once we receive information from our project manager, we will craft a custom plan that incorporates your schedule and timeline. If you have a specific deadline, we are fully prepared to deliver on your requirements.

We create a floorplan

To ensure the prompt placement of furniture, we construct a floor plan for your location. The plan includes the desired locations of your furniture, as well as office equipment, telephones, computers, fax machines, and other essential items.

We devise a list of tasks for your corporate move

Our project manager will plan suitable tasks and create a record of them for our professional movers to complete in order to meet your deadline. Each task includes start and finish dates and assignments to specific team members.

We handle the move

As soon as a move date is selected, our planning department will assign the movers and vehicles for your move. We will also provide information about the services to be completed. Every existing item in your current space will have a label stating where it should be positioned in the new space.

Post move

At Move Happy, it's our duty to make sure you have a swift, stress-free move. As soon as your items are sent, we assemble all of them according to your floorplan. We also make sure any waste is removed, such as boxes or packing tape, from your new location.

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Top tips for an efficient move

Prioritize your packing

Packing well is the secret to a successful move. First, declutter and then categorize your items. Once done, place them in boxes and organize them accordingly. Make sure the packing material is of high quality so they're fully protected. And make sure you check what we've packed for you, too. As part of our set price, we provide you with a list of items we cover.

Anticipate traffic and delays

Even though we do everything possible to ensure a smooth and stress-free move, situations can occur that are outside of our control. Therefore, we suggest anticipating traffic or other delays, and any additional circumstances when it comes to your move. The best way to prepare for any setbacks is to check for any events close to or happening on your moving day.

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