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Move Happy provides a full range of moving services for any destination and circumstances you may encounter.

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What we do

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Our moving process

We’ve performed stress-free moves for our customers for a single price for three decades. Our focus on the details, efficiency and expertise reduce the stress surrounding your move. From the initial consultation to arriving at your new home and arranging your items post-move, we ensure the highest standards.

Moving simplified

  1. Receive an all-inclusive, binding quote.
  2. Design a suitable move plan with our expert.
  3. Control schedule and deadlines.
  4. Track your shipment.

We prioritize safety and security
to save you stress with

Custom boxes

For lamps, TVs, and bikes, and more.

Glassware packing

For every glass and plate, we use individualized packing and protection.


All furniture items are wrapped in blankets and secured with tape and shrink wrap.

Long distance

Every piece of furniture is wrapped twice to ensure protection over a long journey.


All furniture is wrapped to protect it from dust.

Floor and wall protection

Masonite is placed on the floors, corners and walls for every move to ensure no damage occurs.

High-end furniture

We craft wooden crates to ensure an optimum level of protection.

One price covers

One of the most important qualities that have made us
successful over the last two decades is our transparency. We
achieve this by providing a set cost that includes the labor and
travel expenses, saving you extra surprises at the end.

Furniture packing and wrapping

Seats and couches

Protected by blankets and shrink wrap.


Disassembled first and wrapped in blankets.


Delicately wrapped and packed.


Disassembled first and wrapped twice in blankets and cardboard to protect the glass.

What we can pack


Wrapped first and then stored in a cardboard box.
Flat-screen TVs
Wrapped first and then stored in a plasma box.
Wrapped first and then stored in a cardboard box.

Fragile items

Stored in a lamp box.
Mirrors (small)
Wrapped first and then stored in a cardboard box.
Hanging Clothes
Packed in a box for a wardrobe.

Artwork and antiques

(up to 4ft)

Wrapped and packaged in a cardboard crate. Protection for your surfaces.
Sculptures (small)
Wrapped first and then stored in a cardboard box.
Wrapped first and then stored in a cardboard box.

Protection for the surfaces of your new home


Every corner of your old and new accommodation will be protected to prevent damage.


Prior to moving any items, we coat the walls with a protective coat to stop damage.


On the day of the move, we apply masonite prior to moving any objects to prevent floors from being scraped.

Be in control of your move

As soon as your move is scheduled you can communicate with us prior to, during, and post-move.

Track your truck

Review our crew

24/7 Customer Service

Now is the time to organize your

Now is the time to organize your move

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Can I select a specific day to receive a delivery?

Only you or a person you've selected can receive a delivery on a chosen day.

What is the average delivery time?

Generally, our shipments range from 7-14 days. However, we do offer express shuttles from LA to FL, which takes 5 days. Likewise, LA to CA takes 10 days.

What happens if you deliver outside my chosen time slot?

We're constantly striving to deliver items within the stated period given. If this does not happen, our dispatcher will inform you in advance.

We’re here for you.