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Luxury Moving Service

Move Happy is the best choice when you need meticulous attention for the most demanding relocation.

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A moving experience to remember

Moving does not need to be tedious. It can also be stress-free. Our experienced and customer-focused white-glove moving team will safely and promptly relocate your items with special handling procedures and first-class packing and protection. Using discreet vehicles, our expert moving team, and bespoke packing and protection, we can move, plan, and ship the following:



Expensive artwork
and antiques


State-of-the-art electronics




Full white glove moving service

We create a custom plan for each customer complete with all the relevant documents when customers choose our white glove moving services. First, we send all forms and shipment(s) to the carrier. (Please note that it's up to each client to ensure correct completion of all documentation and return the documents in the required time frame.) Once selected, your items will be dispatched on your chosen date, to your desired port. At that point, we will give you an estimated delivery date for when to expect your shipment.

The white glove difference

When it comes to moving delicate, fragile, and fine items, you can count on our highly skilled white glove movers, who are adept at moving exclusive items, high-end collections, large artwork, artifacts, limited edition sculptures, vintage items, and designer furniture. Contact us today to learn more.

Luxury building administration

Our in-house team of experts is fully equipped to deal with luxury building management. Insurance certificate are provided up front to enable an efficient move. In adition, unmarked vehicles are available to ensure the privacy and safety of your items.

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Your privacy is our priority

When moving your items, privacy is essential. Our white-glove moving service ensures an anonymous and silent move.

Coverage and valuation

Our honest valuations allow you to get the most out of our services. We work closely with you to review any damage that may occur, deploy efficient communication, and resolve issues quickly. We also provide additional insurance for high-value items.

Silent moving service

We use noiseless tape to limit distracting pulling and tearing noises. We use headsets to ensure normal speaking volumes. We take as few steps as possible while preparing and moving items into and out of buildings.

Extra protection

High-grade blankets secure high-value furniture and large items. Boxes with double layers give additional levels of protection. Sheets designed to keep away dust and damage. In-house custom wood crating. Climate-controlled and hygienic vehicles to keep valuable items safe and in prime condition.

Top-quality storage

At Move Happy, we offer short-term storage solutions in addition to our white glove service. Wherever you are in the world, our global network will keep your items safe and secure until your home is ready. Our storage units have round-the-clock security and a photo inventory. And when required, we will ship to your door.

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Moving FAQs

Do you insure my items?

We can provide an insurance form upon request.

What coverage do you offer?

Move Happy offers various forms of loss and damage insurance for the haulage. You may choose to add coverage by downloading the Move Happy app or calling and asking for an assistant before moving day.

Which items can you not move?

Unfortunately, due to legal restrictions, safety regulations, and company policy, we cannot move guns and ammunition, illicit substances, flammable liquids, plants (long-distance), and animals.

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