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Long Distance Moving

We are dedicated to making sure your long-distance move is conducted safely and smoothly.

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The shortest distance between any two points

We are dedicated to making sure your long-distance move is conducted safely and smoothly. From your first sales consultation to entering your new home, we are ready to execute a detailed plan.

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What you get

Simplified long-distance moving

Professionals for long-distance moves

Proper planning for interstate moving

Timely deliveries and long-distance moving

Consolidated shipping

If you have time to spare, we will consolidate your shipping to save you money by shipping your items alongside 4-10 other customers’ items. Note: Combined shipping requires that you have your items ready to ship during the given delivery window. Depending upon where you're located, the time frame for delivery can be from 6-10 days.

Expedited shipping

We offer an express service which allows your items to be shipped quicker than the standard shipping time we offer. This service is suitable for customers moving to one of our frequent destinations. If you choose this service, your items will be kept in a trailer with those of other clients. The average delivery time for express service is up to 3-9 business days. Our express service operates twice a week at each branch to benefit our clients. Shuttle service is included in the cost of this service.

Exclusive service

If you need your items to be moved on short notice, you will want to use our exclusive service. We assign your items to a whole trailer just for your shipment. As a result, your shipment will be sent sooner, with little risk of theft. Just tell us your date. What's the best service for a long-distance move? Every move is unique. Contact us to connect with our relocation specialist to determine the best option.

Common destinations

Our network of partner agencies and team members have decades of experience to ensure a successful relocation, no matter the destination.

Express routes and times

Route Express Duration Consolidated Duration
LA/DC - Orlando/Miami 4 - 7 6 - 9
LA/DC - LA/SF 5 - 9 8 - 11
LA/DC - Dallas 8 - 11 -
LA/DC - Houston/Austin 5 - 9 8 - 11
LA - Seattle 7 - 14 -
LA - Chicago 5 - 7 7 - 9
LA/SF - Orlando/Miami 7 - 15 -
SF/LA - DC/LA/NJ 7 - 12 -
SF/LA - Dallas/Houston/Austin 7 - 12 -

Protection is our primary focus

Glassware and plates

Each have their own boxes and specific procedures to ensure protection.


Double-wrapped to offer added protection and prevent dust accumulation during the move.

Double-layer moving boxes

Ensured for additional protection during long journeys.


We construct custom wooden crates for all your items to ensure protection.

Floor, corner, and walls

Masonite is used during each move to keep your floors, walls in their original condition.

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Long Distance Moving

Can I select a day within your delivery window that suits me best?

You have the right to select your day within the stated time frame. However, only you or a person you choose can receive the delivery.

What happens if you won't be able to deliver within my delivery window?

We do everything possible to deliver client shipments in their chosen windows. If we cannot make your window, our dispatcher will contact you in advance.

What is your standard delivery time?

Most of the time, our shipments are delivered within 7-14 days. If you require an earlier date, you can use an express shuttle from NY to FL, which takes 5 days. There is also a shuttle from LA to CA which takes 10 days.

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