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Top States People are Moving From

In the moving industry, where and when people move is kind of our thing. Moving patterns tell us so much about what is happening in society- it impacts the economy, politics, and culture locally and nationally. Many world events like coronavirus have impacted the moving trends this year and we’ve made a list of the top states people are moving from.

New York (62.7%)

Between really cold winters, high cost of living, high tax rates, lack of jobs outside the city, and coronavirus restrictions, many people decided to leave the Empire State. Although there is lots to do in New York, lots of people are feel that the costs outweigh the benefits. One study showed that over 300 people chose to move out of New York City every day.

West Virginia (62.5%)

High unemployment and the lack of business opportunities has made West Virginia one of the top states people are moving from. Although this state has scenic landscape, many people are leaving for a fresh start.

South Dakota (61.7%)

Many younger people are leaving South Dakota in droves because of lack of cultural diversity and lack of interaction with different languages and ideas. The South Dakota economy is also stagnant and sluggish, adding to people leaving.

Illinois (61.4%)

Illinois has seen people leave due to lack of job opportunities, high cost of living, and taxes. Many former residents say that the quality of life wasn’t good, and the weather, as well as local government contributed to them leaving.

Louisiana (59.6%)

Although Louisiana is full of culture and history, many people are leaving the state. Most people cite the reasons for being the job market and low-paying wages. People say that jobs are hard to come by, and the jobs that are available pay lower compared to other states.

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