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Top 5 Tips for Moving with Kids

Moving with kids is a big step for any family – leaving an old home for a new one, saying goodbye to neighbors and friends, and changing your kids’ regular routine can seem like a lot of work. The best way to minimize the stress of moving with kids is to make a plan for how to handle them. Here are some tips that can help ease your kids into the upcoming move.

1. Start Early

It happens to all of us- moving day sneaks up on us and we find ourselves tossing things in boxes and power-cleaning the house while the moving truck is on the day. Get started packing and cleaning as early as possible so your family can be fully prepared on moving day. Consider hiring a professional and experienced moving company to take the stress out of your move. Not only can they take care of every step along the way, but they can make sure your things are packed, safe, and delivered to your new place safe and sound. MoveHappy can help you from start to finish to take the stress out of your moving experience.

2. Let Them be a Part of the Process

Allow your kids be a part of the moving process. Before the big moving day, give them some responsibility like donating the things they don’t want any longer to make them feel needed and helpful. Make it fun by allowing them to label boxes or pack a bag of their favorite toys, books, and snacks to take with them on the journey. Make a special plan for them when moving day comes and encourage them to leave a memory behind (like carving a name on a tree or painting a stone in the garden).

3. Hire a Babysitter

If you and your partner need to plan without the kids, hire a sitter so you can be productive while they are away. During this time, you can organize your things, pack boxes, clean house, and take care of anything you need to. Hiring a babysitting is a good solution for younger kids who aren’t in school or when you are moving during the summer and they will be home.

4. Plan for Goodbyes

Plan your goodbyes. Your kids need a sense of closure before you move, so make a list of people and places you want to see before you leave. Make sure to take photos and videos of everyone so you can save the memories, make a scrapbook, or more. Consider having a goodbye party as well so you can say goodbye to everyone at once.

5. Explore Your New Neighborhood

If possible, take your little ones to visit your new neighborhood. Check out the new house, school, parks, and cool places that they would be excited to explore. Look into after school clubs or local youth groups or events to get them connected to their new surroundings.

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