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Thinking About Moving? Here’s the Best Time to Do It

Is it a good time to move? Good question. There’s no choice quite like the choice of whether or not to move into a different home. But what if you’re not sure if moving into a different home is the right decision right now? Here’s a list of things to consider when the best time for you to move is:


The decision to move ultimately comes down to your timeline, budget, and needs. But sometimes certain times of year are better than others. In the fall you will have great weather conditions and could get a better deal than when moving in the off season. The winter is the cheapest time to move and moving companies typically have more flexible schedules. But depending on the weather where you live, it might not be a good idea to do with children. If you want to move in the spring the weather won’t be as harsh and the demand is still lighter in March and April. Summer is an ideal time if you are thinking about selling your home since demand is highest and you may get a higher price. It’s also an easier time if you have children since they won’t be in school.


If you are thinking about the best month in terms of cost, mid-September through April may be the best time. Demand is usually lower and rates are typically lower as well. Keep in mind that college students are usually moving in September and spring, so think about that if you’re moving to a college town and avoid those times.


Typically, people plan a mid-month, mid-week move instead of a move at the beginning of the month. This is usually when demand is the lowest and your costs may be lower as well. Generally, the first of the month is busier since leases being the first of the month.

Of course, not all of us have the option to move during these “best” times. The best time for you can really depend on a lot of factors like weather, budget, location, family situation, and work. Once you have these situated, you’re on your way to a happy move.

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