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Should Your Use a Professional Moving and Packing Service?

If you’re planning on moving soon, you must consider whether or not you will pack yourself or hire a professional packing service. There are many factors that will impact your moving success- your organizational skills, finances, movers, etc., but proper packing is at the top of the list. It means the difference between getting your items there safely and stress-free or a stressful process with broken items.

Before you decide what to do and start shipping around for movers, you should ask yourself, “Should you pack yourself or hire packers?”

Ask yourself these questions if you are deciding on moving yourself or hiring professional packers:

  • Will you need to get packing supplies?
  • Are you looking for full-service movers?
  • Extra services you will need
  • Final moving costs
  • How much time you have to pack and prepare

Using a professional packing and moving service, like MoveHappy, will save you a lot of time and effort and get your things safely from point A to point B, but there is a cost. Fortunately, MoveHappy has an affordable flat rate. If you are deciding to self-pack, you can lower your cost but may increase damage to your things

Here are some of the top pros of each:

Pros of Hiring Packers and Movers

  • Quality packing materials
  • Speed and efficiency
  • Safety
  • Moving insurance
  • Extra services
  • No effort on your part

Pros of Packing Yourself

  • Lower costs
  • Move at your own pace
  • Organize things exactly how you want

Looking for professional movers and packers? Contact MoveHappy for a free quote.

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