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Should You Move to the Country or City?

City life vs. country life, which is right for you? There are benefits to both, and they each have entirely different ways of life. Below you will find the advantages of moving to the city and the country:

Advantages of City Life:

  • Convenience is key in the city. You can get pretty much anything you want any time of day or night.
  • Public transportation is available, and you often don’t need a car to get to the amenities.
  • There are lots of job and career opportunities.
  • You’ll find tons of options for housing too. Urban lofts, flats, homes, condos, you name it.
  • Discover lots of social opportunities and make many friends.
  • Cities are fully of culture and new learning experiences.
  • Close to fire stations, police departments, and hospitals can make city living safer.
  • Lots of entertainment options.
  • Advantages of Country Life:

  • Lots of peace and quiet to enjoy.
  • Clear view of the night sky.
  • Fresh air and blue skies mean healthier living.
  • Usually the area is safer and crime isn’t as high.
  • People tend to look out for one another and there’s a greater sense of community.
  • You will know a lot of people in town.
  • Little to know traffic.

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