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Questions How Should You Ask Your Moving Company

When you are looking to move, knowing the right questions to ask moving companies is key to having the smoothest moving process. Asking certain questions will help you find the perfect company to help you feel confident that your things are in good hands. Consider these questions to ask a potential moving company:

1. How much experience do you have in this business?

You want to look for a moving company that has lots of experience with the type of move you are planning. Experienced movers have the expertise to handle a variety of unexpected circumstances to get your things from one place to another safely. Having the peace of mind knowing that your things are in good hands is priceless.

2. Is your moving company licensed and insured?

One of the best ways to know you are protected and in compliance with laws and regulations is to make sure the moving company you are hiring is licensed and insured. It is essential that the moving company you hire is licensed to serve your type of move, such as business, personal, or military moves.

3. How do you determine the cost of the move?

When you are looking to hire moving company, locking in a transparent rate is essential to making your plans. Move Happy offers transparent, flat rates so you will know exactly what you are spending money on. Our rate includes all expenses including extra packing materials, large items, and other incidentals so you can see all costs up front.

4. Do you offer packing services?

Ask the moving company if they offer packing services including packing, unpacking, crating and more. Ask what packing services they offer and what they cost and how it can work with your lifestyle and budget.

5. Do you offer liability insurance?

Talk to your moving company about the different insurance options they offer to make sure you are covered in the right ways.

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