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Your moving day

10 stress-free tips for a smooth moving day — the happiest move

Tip #1: Use trusted recommendations

Never rely on reviews on the Internet — they aren’t all legitimate. When you think about moving, trust a referral’s good word. Talk with family or colleagues who have moved in the past six months. It’s safer to trust the opinions and experiences of someone you know. If you know people who have had good experiences with a certain moving firm, ask for the same service and team to avoid problems.

Tip #2: Use a fixed-rate firm

Clarity is a big asset when it comes to a move. Ensure you’re aware of all the costs from the start to avoid hidden fees. When you choose an all-inclusive flat-rate price such as ours, there will be no shocks or surprises. The bill you receive after a free quotation will be the same until the move is finished.

Tip #3. Prioritize packing

Packing is the heart of the matter, and it needs to be prioritized. Get to know your inventory and take time to sort out what you’ll pack on your own and what will be left to the experts. If you choose us, consult the list of goods we always pack for a move to make sure the process goes smoothly. On long-distance moves, don’t forget to use professional boxes to prevent damage. You can rely on our team to find the ideal solution for your move.

Tip #4. Grab a suitcase for the journey

A common issue is forgetting that everything will be packed and moved for a given length of time. Avoid wearing the same clothes for several days and not brushing your teeth by packing a medium-sized suitcase with fresh clothing, essential toiletries, phone chargers, and prescribed medications.

Tip #5. Get a permit to park

Private driveways aren’t a problem, but when you’re in an apartment building, remember to organize parking permits for moving vans before the big day.

Tip #6. Plan for traffic

It’s smart to check traffic conditions and alternate routes ahead of schedule. Taking into account a traffic delay can make the experience much less stressful. If you want to simplify the process, jot down every address you’ll stop at to avoid any last-minute Google searches.

Tip #7. Plan for the weather

Similar to traffic, preparation for the weather will make traveling faster and simpler. In case of heavy snow or thunderstorms during a move, take some precautions ahead of time. Your inventory might need to be adapted depending upon the weather and driving situation.

Tip #8. A clean sweep

After everything has been carried out of the house, take time to go through the premises with a vacuum cleaner, making sure the rooms are in a good state for the new occupants. You might also take photos, so you have handy evidence of the condition of the property, particularly if it’s rented.

Tip #9. Decluttering unneeded furniture

Moves are increasingly expensive, and you can save a ton of cash if you decide not to move at all. However, when you do, it is a prime opportunity for decluttering: sell the things you won’t use on Facebook or similar sites, and donate other goods and furnishings.

Tip #10. Invest in insurance

If you have valuable goods, remember to get basic insurance. Check in with your current home insurance company or have a chat with your real estate agent to gauge the best option for the move. Move Happy offers an extended option for a full valuation of your inventory, depending upon the value of your possessions.

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