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How to Talk To Your Partner About Moving

Finding the job was hard enough, but convincing your partner or spouse that you should move for it can be even harder. Moving to a new home can be more than just about a job and requires a bit of a leap of faith in some cases. Getting your spouse on board can be challenging, but here are some tips to make the process smoother:

1. Pose the Question

If you have the opportunity for a new job or job offer on the table, it may help to ask your spouse what they think you as a unit should do. This acknowledges that this is a joint decision and that their opinion matters at the end of the day.

2. Show that You Care

Approach the topic with empathy and care and try putting yourself in their shoes as you consider this move. Saying things like, “I know it would be a big change to give up your job” will show them that you understand their point of view.

3. Lay Things Out

If your spouse or partner isn’t sure about moving yet, it may help to lay out the details like the moving company, new location, and facts about the new city. Show your partner the numbers, and facts to make sure your moving dreams can become tangible reality. Make sure to look for a moving company with transparent and affordable rates, great customer support, and the experience to handle your things with care so you can make every step of the process smooth.

4. Suggest a Trip

If your partner is supportive but still not sure about things, suggest a quick trip out to your potential new city to see how they like it. You can even go as far as meeting with a real estate agent, looking at the local job market, schools, and local shops and activities to get a feel for what life could really be like in your new town. This can make your partner more comfortable to see and feel what life could be like.

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