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How to Prepare Your Team for an Office Move

Running your business from a new location is exciting. It means more room and more growth for you in the future. However, before you relocate your business, there are many things you want to consider to keep things running smoothly. Without the right planning and help, you’re going to create a hectic experience for your employees.

Keep your team happy during your move by preparing them with these tips:

Begin as Early as Possible

The process of moving your office can include many moving parts and details that you should factor in as early as possible. Things to consider are when your building’s lease expires, setting a relocation date, communicating the news to your team members, and assigning responsibilities to everyone along the way. Consider creating a timeline to schedule your relocation based on your important business and moving dates. Getting ahead of it and developing a long-term plan is the best way to keep your team in the loop about the progress and responsibilities during your move.

Update Company Materials and Notify Customers

Once all the important details have been decided, it’s important to provide the new address and details to your customers and relevant contacts. Be sure to send an announcement with the first date that your office move will take effect. Consider any additional marketing materials that will need these new details: business cards, stationery, email signatures, company website, and more.

Discard Unnecessary Items

Before you relocate your business, you will want to get rid of any clutter and items that you have no use for in your new office. Things like old furniture, file cabinets, desks, chairs, shelves, and décor can be donated to charity or discarded before moving. Consider recycling or shredding any paperwork or documents that you no longer need.

Prepare the New Space

A key component of a smooth corporate relocation is preparing and setting up the new office. You’ll want to make arrangements to set up the electricity, water, phones, gas, internet, trash, and any other utilities before move-in day. Make sure to contact your providers far in advance to set up the services and installation. Additionally, a commonly looked over detail is making sure movers and providers have access to loading zones in your current office and unloading zones in your new office. Everyone will have an easier time knowing these locations.

Find a Professional Office Mover

If you want to keep your business moving with maximum efficiency, it’s best to hire a full service professional moving company. Whether you’re moving locally or long distance, Move Happy can provide convenient corporate relocation services to make your move stress free.

Move Happy can help you plan, prepare, and move your office with the highest quality service and security to make your move successful. Whether your business involves IT systems, scientific lab equipment, fitness machinery, antiques, or anything in-between, Move Happy has the professional experience to move your things safely and efficiently. Hiring the right moving company is all about making the process easy and your team will thank you for it.

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