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7 Tips to Quarantine Safely

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people in households will have to adjust their normal lifestyles to safely quarantine. This can mean an adjustment whether someone is living alone or quarantining with others that may be exposed. Here are some tips to quarantining safely no matter your situation.

Sleep Separately

If you are living with people, make sure to sleep in separate beds and away from other people in the household. Do not share a bed with anyone in the home.

Physical Distancing

Make sure to keep a safe 6-foot distance from other members of the house or anyone visiting at all times. You don’t want to risk anyone else getting sick.

Clean the Bathroom after Every Use

After every use of the bathroom, every person should wipe it out with disinfectant.

Wash Your Hands

Keep your hygiene top of mind and use soap and water to wash your hands for 20 seconds. If you don’t have soap, you can use hand sanitizer.

Monitoring Items

Remember not to share items with sick people in the home including dishes, silverware, glasses, towels, bedding, remote controls, and phones.

Trash Cans

Use disposable bags in trash cans and consider dedicating an individual trash can to anyone that has been exposed.

Cleaning Laundry

When cleaning all the laundry in the house, you can wash everyone’s laundry together, but make sure the person doing the laundry has washed their hands and is being washed on the warmest recommended setting.

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