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5 Tips for Communicating an Office Move

Moving offices can be a stressful process for your employees if you aren’t communicating effectively. Effective communication can minimize uncertainty and make the entire process stress free and smooth. When handled well, moving your office can be a positive change for employees. Here are 5 helpful tips:

1. Communicate Early

Messages about your office move needs to begin awhile before the actual moving date. Your employees need to understand what to expect, what exactly will be happening, and be able to ask questions. If communication is delayed or withheld, rumors may start and people will feel that their jobs are threatened. Schedule a time to communicate about the move at every stage of the moving process.

2. Provide Support Channels

Internal emails, newsletters, or social media channels can be used to support employees who may have questions or concerns about the office move. Consider providing an online resource or other communication channels to provide your staff with easy access to any moving information. You could even create a moving newsletter to act as a resource related to the move.

3. Get Your Employees Involved

After you inform your employees about all of the new things happening with your office move, you can ask them to be more involved in each step. You can dedicate a team to communicate any relevant information to the rest of the staff.

4. Ramp Up Communication Closer to the Move

As things get closer, update your employees more frequently and use more overt communication methods. For example, hold a town hall meeting to discuss important information. Send out company alerts about deadlines on updating contact information, packing up personal office space, security passes, parking, and more.

5. Inspire Change

An office move can be a great opportunity to inspire more positive change for your company. Open up your lines of communication by asking for your employees to participate in naming conference rooms, donating furniture, seating arrangements, and more. Hold a contest for these activities and give a prize to the winner.

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